So you’ve…

  • Tried all the techniques to letting go out there
  • Listened to every video/podcast about trusting in the universe
  • Compared yourself to every person around you who seems to have their stuff together
Yet you still can’t seem to let go of your perfectionist ways

And now you’re left feeling…

  • Despondent because nothing seems to be working
  • Exhausted as attempting to do everything perfectly everyday is totally draining
  • Like your dreams and real life goals will never become a reality

If only you’d had someone in your corner to show you the real work to overcoming perfectionism.

The Surrender Perfectionism Programme is designed to provide you with the real strategies and tools to help you let go of control and start living life on your own terms.

Everything you will find inside this programme are tried and tested techniques that I have used on myself to step away from the need to control everything in my life. Techniques that have allowed me to open up to new opportunities, to expand into a new way of thinking and to live my life with purpose.

A go-at-your-own pace programme with monthly coaching calls with me and the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals all ready to confidently surrender.
This is not about sitting around waiting for the universe to surrender, this is confidently taking action towards the life of your dreams.


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What people are saying...

No no thank you 🙏🏻☺️ posts and coaching changing my life 🙌

Change maker god I love you girl you always breathe fresh life into me

Just a massive thank you! You've made my day go from stressed and bored to excited about everything. I can't wait to VC you from the new house and continue our coaching.

Hi I’m Carla

For way too long I was struggling to live life on my terms, as I was always scared of making the wrong decisions, taking the wrong path, not doing what was expected, or what I thought was the path I was supposed to take.

I could never understand what was holding me back, as I was ambitious, self-motivated, hard-working etc.

It was only when I realised that it was because I was holding on so tightly to life. I was terrified of letting go of control, for fear of the unknown that I never allowed myself to be flexible, to be open to new ways of thinking or ways of doing things.

I spent many years working out how to let go of my perfectionism, to loosen the reins on my life and to allow myself to confidently surrender to my life.

The Confident Surrender programme is the culmination of all these years of inner work and I’m so excited to be able to coach you to make a change in a fraction of the time.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter in your life that brings you closer to your dreams, closer to who you truly are, and closer to achieving your goals.

Plus, I will be on this journey with you. So you’re not alone!

What you can expect

The Truth About Perfectionism

Understanding what perfectionism really is all about…it’s not what you may think. This is a key step to truly getting your head around why you do it in the first place.

Your Root Cause

We don’t wake up one day and decide to be obsessed with perfection, and it’s not derived from the glitter world of social media. This goes way back in your subconscious and now’s the time to unpick it.

Let’s Talk Triggers

Time to identify what situations or moments trigger you in your current life. Identify and acknowledge your triggers so you can go forward informed instead of being thrown off course every time one of them crops up.

Managing Triggers

Now you’ve identified them, what do you actually do when they arise? Practical steps to managing your triggers in the moment and preventing the need to default into perfectionism, control and anxiety.

Surrender Old Habits

Letting go into confident surrender takes consistent practice as with anything. Breakthrough old ways and create new more positive habits that keep you on track and keep you performing at your best, both mentally and physically.

Confidently Discover

Building confidence and self-belief one task at a time. Learn to embrace the unknown, discover what you’re truly capable of and attract your life’s desires to you.

I’ve packed my knowledge, years of life experience and therapy experience into this one-stop-shop for ambitious life-lovers…


  • LIVE Q&A coaching sessions with me every month
  • BONUS MODULE: Relationship with Self: Tools to strengthen your relationship with yourself (Value: $299)
  • Accountability tasks to keep you on track
  • The opportunity to network with Confident Surrenders just like you!

Your investment to change your life and live your dreams

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Carla Caswell

Let’s unleash your life, together!

Designing a life and business you love starts with overcoming perfectionism and from this foundation we build out your epic brand message and marketing strategy.