Marketing Strategy

8 Steps to Building an Impactful Marketing Strategy
  1. Are you struggling to create and manage your marketing strategy?
  2. Do you feel overwhelmed by all the information out there telling you a million different ways that you need to be marketing yourself online?
  3. Are you attracting people that you don’t really want to work with?

Trust me, I’ve been there and even with my 17+ years in marketing I still ended up down the rabbit hole of trying to do everything!

I knew that there had to be a better way and so I stopped everything I was doing, took a step back and really looked at what I wanted to achieve for my business and that’s how the 8 Step Impactful Marketing program was born.

This programe will take you on an easy-to-follow journey to putting all these stepping stones in place so that you can create an online presence that’s authentically you and gets you excited to market yourself.

The 8 Step Impactful Marketing program comes with a step-by-step workbook to guide you through each module and some ready-made templates for you to implement into your business today!

Social Media Trends You Should be Leveraging in your Marketing Strategy

We all know that we can’t grow our businesses in the current landscape without using social media.

But with so many platforms emerging it can be impossible to stay on top of all the features and trends that will help you maximise each platform’s potential.

This course will give you the insights you need to know on each platform and help you spark creative ways to leverage your content and get those algorithms working in your favour.

Simple, easy-to-follow insights, tools and examples to get you maximising your exposure on the platform’s where your ideal client hangs out.

Carla Caswell

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Designing a life and business you love starts with overcoming perfectionism and from this foundation we build out your epic brand message and marketing strategy.