Social Media Strategy

Social Media Trends you should be leveraging in your marketing

We all know that we can’t grow our businesses in the current landscape without using social media.

But with so many platforms emerging it can be impossible to stay on top of all the features and trends that will help you maximise each platform’s potential.

This course will give you the insights you need to know on each platform and help you spark creative ways to leverage your content and get those algorithms working in your favour.

Simple, easy-to-follow insights, tools and examples to get you maximising your exposure on the platform’s where your ideal client hangs out

There are 37 trends that you may not know about covering the following Social Media Platforms:

  • Instagram (2 Trends)
  • Facebook (3 Trends)
  • YouTube (4 Trends)
  • Tik Tok (6 Trends)
  • Snap Chat (7 Trends)
  • LinkedIn (8 Trends)
  • Twitter (7 Trends)

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