Unwrapping the story…

I was born into a very traditional British family but grew up in sunny South Africa. As a child I was brought up to be seen and not heard and so I was a very diligent, quiet and obsessively perfectionist (story for another day LOL) child.

As I got older this persona just didn’t feel right and I started to voice my opinion more… and boy did I! I have never been rude or disrespectful but I tell it like it is, because that’s how I wished everyone would treat me. Weirdly this got me really far in the corporate world…well until I wouldn’t play the political game of course.

When I first moved to the U.K I came to experience a whole new culture that I wasn’t used to. I found myself holding back a lot in order to conform to social norms.

For ages I did this, but then I realised that I wasn’t being true to myself, my voice mattered, and I wasn’t going to be ashamed to be 100% me going forward!

Before I decided to design my life the way I wanted to, I spent most of my 20’s, and even into my 30’s following the path that I thought I was expected to take.

The career path, the rising up the ranks, the playing the corporate game (which I wasn’t very good at I might add), the safe, structured life that I was brought up thinking was the path to success…and ultimately happiness.

I found myself jumping jobs a lot because I thought it was the company that was the problem or the role, but it wasn’t until I started to expand my inner work practices and ended up in hospital with a ruptured artery in my stomach from stress that I discovered that I WAS THE PROBLEM!

Man did that know me for six! ( I love sport so you may experience a few more of these analogies from me I’m afraid)

But the reality hit me hard…this stressed out, overworked, depressed, lonely, unhappy version of me was created by me.

So I started to unwrap my story, and noticed all the glaringly obvious ways that I had made choices that didn’t align with me. I made choices based on what others expected, or what I thought they expected.

Unwrapping my own story led me to designing my life on my terms. Creating a business where I get to help people unwrap their own stories and live their best lives. Creating the opportunity to live and work from a tropical island. Creating the freedom to visit friends and family all over the world. Creating a person I love inside and out.

I’m not special, I just got real with myself and did the work and you can too!

We help you reclaim your story and birth a new brand identity that is 100% aligned with who you now know yourself to be.

You don’t want to be defined by the things you don’t want in your life.
Instead, you can choose to create a high performance life.
Unwrap your story.
We reframe and realign your authentic story, identity and vision so they can be the catalyst to attract all of the right clients and opportunities into your life.

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